SATYR #10 & Zeroes!

28-page, color cover, B&W interior, comics anthology
This is a magazine size, 28-page, color cover, B&W interior, comics anthology from "Grim" Jim Main. In this issue Simon Mackie brings us Lonesome Hound Doga slightly disturbing story about the depths to which an artist will sink just to get published. BeBop serves up two tales, Wild Strawberries, a story about a young couple's flirtatious relationship that reaches an unexpected ending, and Doug the Smug Slugwhich is about a couple of slugs with different approaches to life. Then Barry Southworth offers up Monster In The Sheets, a tale of the price some will pay for random sexual pleasure.  Jenn Walker contributes Best Friends Forever, a personal tale of growing up and changing relationships.  Carl Alessi gives us The Haunt of Hipsters, a snappy break down of what all the hep cats do. And Marc Haines rounds out the anthology with !*%&#ERS, a censored expletive rich crime story about detectives that investigate special murders. All this plus artwork by Jeff Gaither (see cover image)! Great stories from a bunch of creators and all illustrated in very different styles. What more could you ask for from an anthology?!  Check this and other comics from Jim Main at MAIN Enterprises

superhero trading card spoofssuperhero trading card spoofs
And look what else MAIN Enterprises has to offer, Zeroes!  Zeroes is a neat collection of superhero trading card spoofs!  Different artists have submitted their own superhero card spoof complete with back story and artwork.  Collect 'em all and submit your own spoofy hero!

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