Levitating Nuns

Levitating Nuns
Levitating Nuns is a 24-page, B&W minicomic published by Grant Thomas.

This neat little minicomic arrived in a handmade envelope folded to look like a nun's robed arms crossed and holding it.  That in itself was pretty inventive, but it got better!  The envelope then unfolds into the full figure of a nun with outstretched arms (see image), and the comic was tucked into a pocket formed by the nun's robe!  How cool is that!

I'm calling this a minicomic because of its small size but it might be better described as an origami comic because the folding doesn't stop at the envelope! That's right, the 24-pages that make up this Levitating Nuns narrative are carefully crafted and hand folded to reveal a levitating nun or two in amusing, gravity defying acts that the reader discovers with each unfolding of a page!

The line work on the pages and the overall imagery is fun and simple and tell the story of the Levitating Nuns with no dialogue.  But what makes this comic so appealing is its construction.  Grant Thomas has crafted this comic to be a physical piece of art as well as a piece of graphic comic art.  The reader will experience this comic in a way that other traditional comics don't even come close to.  And if you've ever debated what tactile comics can offer that webcomics can't, well this little comic should be exhibit A!  With Levitating Nuns the reader not only gets to hold the comic but also interact with it, fold it, bend it, and discover what has been hidden by the artist as they explore the comic from every angle!  Grant Thomas has designed Levitating Nuns to show all comic fans what can be done with the medium when you're willing to break away from the cookie cutter mentality and embrace creativity!

You can catch your Levitating Nuns at Grant Thomas' Store and you can learn more about the artist at Grant Thomas Online

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