Losers Weepers #2

Losers Weepers
Losers Weepers #2 is a digest size (a little larger than that), 36-page, B&W comic published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

If you haven't yet read Loser Weepers #1, you should.  The story in this issue is a continuation from issue #1.  It's not essential that you read issue #1 to follow what is going on here in issue #2, but you're missing a lot if you don't.

Okay, so here we are with J.T. Yost's second installment of Losers Weepers.  Last issue I praised J.T. for the creative approach to storytelling he undertook to piece together Losers Weepers from found notes and I have to take my hat off to the man again for proving he is up to the challenge to keep this unique process going!

In this issue J.T. culls events and characters from four new found notes and ties them into the invented stories and characters he created from the previous found notes featured in issue #1.  In Losers Weepers #2 we are introduced to the widow and children of Juan (aka Tiger), a character from issue one that apparently abandoned his family and wound up on the streets homeless and addicted to drugs and booze.  In this issue we follow his wife as she struggles to deal with events in her children's lives and her own in the wake of Tiger's departure.

The notes used for this issue are from a man expressing his love for his wife and kids although they are estranged and he is down on his luck.  A note a kid wrote about picking on another kid.  An essay written by a young child.  And an angry note left on a car.  Using these four found notes as inspiration, J.T. manages to build Tiger's family and the circumstances of their lives to set the stage for Losers Weepers #2.

J.T. Yost has discovered and mastered a very unique source for story ideas that appear to only be limited by the writers imagination.  And the way in which J.T. chooses to tell the stories in Losers Weepers reminds us that we really are all connected and our actions have unforeseen consequences that do affect others even if we remain oblivious to them.

You can discover the originality of Losers Weepers for yourself at  http://www.birdcagebottombooks.com/

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