Loud Comix #1

Loud Comix #1Loud Comix #1 is a 32-page, digest size B&W comic illustrated by Jamie Vayda with stories from Sonny Joe Harlan, Frankie Nowhere, Erika Lane, and Alan King.  Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

Loud Comix is a collection of stories all written by members of various rock bands and music enthusiasts, and illustrated by The Stovebolts' frontman Jamie Vayda.  In this issue Sonny Joe Harlan gives us a cautionary tale about the dangers of karaoke bars and drunk flirtatious women.  Then Frankie Nowhere takes us out into the woods to get shit faced with Buddy Holly and go tripping with Jack the Knife.  Next, Erika Lane takes a crossed-eyed look at the troubled but seemingly happy life of small town misfit Johnny Funhouse.  And Alan King rounds out the issue with a suspenseful tale about a family secret involving a scary uncle and a wooden leg! 

Tying everything together from cover to cover is the prevailing theme of music that runs through each story as either a part of its subject or as the common ground all of the authors share.  The other thing that ties all of the stories together is the awesome artwork of Jamie Vayda!  Jamie renders all of these stories in an underground comix style, exaggerating the peculiarities and defects of of the characters while drawing the backgrounds in high detail.  Jamie's skillful use and balance of black ink and white space, and his eye for composition breathes life into every character and pumps attitude into each panel!

You can rock out with Loud Comix at http://www.birdcagebottombooks.com/?s=vayda 

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