The Cornelia Collection is a 62-page, full size, color covers, B&W interior, collection of Kel M. Crum’s Cornelia comics. Published by Dangerous Bird Productions.

The Cornelia Collection is a massive compilation of comics featuring Kel M. Crum’s character Cornelia Dodson. Corny is a twenty-something, under achieving, single, female with low self-esteem and a penchant for getting herself into awkward, embarrassing, and hilarious situations. In this collection Corny finds herself unable to escape a series of booze induced bad dreams, pulled into an activist group that wants her to be a martyr, and discovers sexually satisfying ice cream! And that’s only a small sample of the many misadventures contained in this comic! Joining Corny between the pages are a group of supporting characters including her equally unfortunate father and another of Kel’s creations, Ed Thud!

Kel renders his characters in a cartoony fashion with simple, smooth, bold lines. This approach creates a lighthearted mood that suits the silliness of Cornelia’s many perils. Kel’s background as a comedy writer is obvious throughout this collection. The writing setting up the silly and outlandish plots is very smart and loaded with satirical wit that keeps the reader engaged and turning pages!

You can step into Cornelia’s world at and find Kel’s contact information there too so you can get your hands on The Cornelia Collection!

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