Snake Pit

Snake Pit is a digest size, 96-page, color covers, B&W interior, diary comic published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This offering from Birdcage Bottom Books highlights the daily activities of Ben “Snake Pit" White over his ninth year of doing this series. Each page is broken out into arrangements of three panel strips covering the events of individual days starting on January 1st, 2009 and ending on December, 31st 2009. Over the year we witness Ben’s daily routine of working at a video store, practicing and playing gigs with his bands, walking his dog, getting drunk and stoned, sleeping it off, and hanging out with his lady Karen. Ben accomplishes a lot in just three panels for each day, and he ties each date to a song!

In the intro we’re reminded that Snake Pit is intended to be read while on the toilet. I’m not so sure that’s necessary, but this collection of strips does lend itself to be read over a period of time rather than all at once. Also, 2009 being the year that Cramps front man Lux Interior passed away, this comic is dedicated to his memory.

The layout is really simple, three panels to describe the events of each day. The artwork is just as simple and somewhat rough, but effective enough to communicate the story. Most of the lettering is easy to read but in a few panels it gets a little cramped.

Overall this is a cool comic that makes for a great daily read, kind of like those daily inspirational comics, only it’s about an aging punk adjusting to adult life and responsibilities.

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