Eyesight #1

Eyesight #1 is a 20-page, digest size B&W comic written by Callum MacKenzie and illustrated by Alex Hood. Published by Eyesight Comix.

Eyesight is a horror fantasy story that takes place in some sort of feudal society named Henry’s Falls where lords and ladies rule. In this issue Lady Rett is experiencing strange nightmares about blindness while her father, Lord Henry, deals with the headaches…and perks of being ruler of the land. Also, Lady Rett’s mysterious, mask wearing bodyguard lurks through the pages occupying both Lady Rett’s dreams and waking hours.

The artwork flows in a rough and sketchy way with heavy shadows and lots of hatching. This style contributes nicely to the lucid dreamlike quality of the story. The overall page compositions work well, and all of the lettering is easy to read.

You can feast your peepers on Eyesight #1 at http://bit.ly/X4F6Cl

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1vi14yk

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