Love Machines #2

Love Machines #2 is a 32-page, B&W comic with color covers written and created by Josh Trujillo. This issue features the art of Ben Bishop and JB Wolfe. Cover by SM Vidaurri, letters by Adam Pruett, and design by Dylan Todd. Published by Lost His Keys Man Comics.

This is only the second issue of Love Machines but one thing is clear, this is one really great series! To start off with the concept behind this series is completely original in its exploration of the varied relationships between humans and machines. Then there’s the stories themselves, using historical settings or figures to introduce the theme of the particular saga to be told. In this issue of Love Machines the themes that bring us that human/machine connection are bicycles and pinball machines!

The first and longer story is The Velocipede. It’s set in the late 19th century and is about a young widower, his twin daughters, and a worldly sister-in-law that brings hope and that newfangled contraption, the bicycle, into her sister’s family’s lives. The story itself is a touching tale about love, compassion, and the unwavering support of family. The twist that fits this piece into the Love Machines series is the social and historical impact that the oh so common bicycle had on equality in America. The next story is Solenoids. It’s a short and passion filled tale of one man’s love for pinball and his special relationship with one specific pinball machine.

The artwork in The Velocipede, done by Ben Bishop, is haunting and moody with lots of emotion etched in the faces and postures of the characters. The line work is craftily done and ties in perfectly with the story establishing an atmosphere that flows from beginning to end. JB Wolfe handles the art chores on Solenoids with a light, whimsical line and gray washes that paint a more upbeat and fast paced electric tale.

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