Dirty Bites: The Complete Collection 1-4

*** This cover has been censored by monkeys for your protection (and to keep the snitches off my back)! ***

See the actual cover in all it’s perverse glory at http://bit.ly/1vlMrwd

Dirty Bites: The Complete Collection 1-4 is a 200+ page, perfect bound, standard size ADULT comic with color covers and B&W interior (digital version has full color interior), created by and featuring the talents of Paul Steven “The Froz” Frosdick along with friends and fellow deviants John Orlando, Jim Stewart, Steve Gibson, Rick Buckler, Chuck Rogers, Banci Cartoonist, Bobby Beatroot, Dave Gordon, Rick Limacher, Lee James Turnock, Michael Amaral, Jim Beucher, Oral Giacomini, Link Jaydee, Facundo Carbajo, John Balsley, Ang Lopez, Gilbert Rodriguez, and Al Limacher. How’s that for a gathering of talent!

This Adults Only comic is packed full and hard with explicit images and unapologetic humor that may cause the sensitive, politically correct, humorless comic reader to scratch their eyeballs out with forks. For everybody else it’s an orgy of outrageous and delightful depravity!

Paul Steven Frosdick (aka The Froz) and friends take turns shooting their ink filled wads all over the 200 plus pages of this throbbing tome of taboo! Between the sticky covers Wolverine discovers yet another adamantium enhanced appendage, Batman finally rids himself of the annoying Boy Wonder, Geppetto finds a good use for Pinocchio’s nose, and muff diving takes on a whole new meaning! There’s so much laughable lewdness and debauchery it’s impossible to summarize all the ways The Froz and his many accomplices find to depict the absurdity and hilarity of human sexuality! Let me just say that I haven’t seen so much nakedness and lechery since I last went on holiday to a secluded Spanish beach!

All the artists running the train on this Dirty Bites mamma bring their own style to the party. The Froz’s approach is a light, sketchy flowing line that moves the scene across the page with lots of action. His comics also make up the bulk of this creamy compilation which really helps to establish the pacing. The other contributors styles vary from heavy, bold lines that firmly anchor their panels to the page, to the highly detailed and precise clean lines of expert draftsmen, to the more cursory lines that play about the composition. All packaged together the art, subject matter, and layout of Dirty Bites: The Complete Collection 1-4 forms a polished comic stuffed full of eye pleasing imagery that’s not only a fun read but looks absolutely great to boot!

Bottom line, I dug this comic! I especially like the uncompromising approach taken to storytelling in both subject matter and art. No political correctness or apologies, just raw humor backed up by raw imagery! It’s the kind of stuff most people are too afraid to even think about doing now days in comics.

You can defile your virgin eyes and get your hairy palms on Dirty Bites: The Complete Collection 1-4 at http://bit.ly/1ottOEW

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1DA6Ij3

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