Completely Inaccurate

Completely Inaccurate is a 182-page, full size, B&W, color cover, historical fiction graphic novel written and drawn by Shannon Gretzon. Published by Exspastic Comics.

This graphic novel is a historical fiction loosely based on the life and delusions of San Francisco’s nineteenth century folk hero Joshua Abraham Norton. He was the self-proclaimed Imperial Majesty Emperor of the U.S.

In Completely Inaccurate a hapless company man named George has a transformational experience shortly after getting the boot (and an atomic wedgie). His experience transports him through space and time and into the being of Joshua Norton. As the story unfolds George/Joshua meets Nikola Tesla on a train ride from Africa to the U.S. and once stateside gets some favorable press from Mark Twain as he launches his bid to take the U.S. throne. Oh yeah, George/Joshua also discos with Queen Victoria and some god has pooped out a humanity ending astro turd that is hurling toward the big blue marble!

As with all of Shannon Gretzon’s comics this one is full of inventive layouts, distinctive exaggerated abstract artwork, and experimental us of clip art. The hand lettering is easy to read and the overall flow of the story works which is a pretty neat accomplishment given the weird directions the story takes!

You can enter this strange world at and check in on Exspastic Comics at via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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