Night Watch #7 the Junk Food Issue

Night Watch #7 the Junk Food Issue is a 40-page, full size, B&W, ADULTS ONLY comic zine.

The talents of nearly 30 artists slaver over the 40 tantalizingly sleazy pages that fill this savory zine. The menu includes a smorgasbord of smutty delights including horny hot dogs, beastly burgers, angry ice cream, defiled donuts, and even a pizza-kini! But wait, that’s not all! Pick up this issue of Night Watch the Junk Food issue and you’ll even be treated to a pooperoni maker! You can almost taste the fecal matter while flipping through the pages! And if all that isn’t enough for you there’s also an interview with BOSS DOG and Burrito Breath! The two talk about…food, junk food. Junk food combos, best junk food when you’re high or drunk, good eats in the Portland area, and that age old debate, who wins when pizza and burger square off!

This lowbrow buffet of culinary curiosities was cooked up by the lowlife likes of Phil Guy, Zac Amendolia, Matt Stikker, Pat Bieck, Chris Bilyeu, Charlie Mellors, Sam Taylor, Orion Landau, Christina Hock, Jamil Abdullah, Sketchy Tank, Maegan Lemay, Sebastian Mazuera, Josh Howard, Haig Demarjian, Sam Hitz, Brad Walters, Mike Tommyrot, Boss Dog, Thomas Fernandez, Jesse California, Tocayo, Gut Rot, Salty Dave, Coco Roy, Tom J. Newell, Gunsho, Tallboy, and Krusy. Each artist serves up a disturbingly delicious dish of junk food favorites with a twist. The styles vary from artist to artist with the majority of the artwork being somewhere between precise clean lines and sketchy rough ones. Most of the pieces in this zine are full page pinups that really pop with detail. There are a couple of multi-panel stories thrown in too to help balance the diet out!

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