Tectonic Jelly #1

Tectonic Jelly #1 is a 32-page B&W full size comic with color covers written, drawn, and starring Aaron Sullivan.

In a distant future following the “great breaking,” a dude of Jelly Land fights gigantic beasts and consorts with sages in an attempt to understand the power of the “god weapon” he possesses. With the help of a little acid, and some threats of death, the dude discovers the weapon’s true rockin’ power!

This first issue of Tectonic Jelly does a nice job of establishing the setting of the story in an acid fueled, dystopian future where recognizable remnants from the world we know are now jutting ruins on the landscape. The art is drawn in a sketchy, consistent line with little weight but plenty of detail that twists into a befitting psychedelic style that compliments the drug induced feel of the story.

The pacing of the story is managed well by the layout and the action transitions naturally from page to page. The lettering appears to be all hand written and easily read.

You can join the trip and taste some Tectonic Jelly yourself at http://bit.ly/1xRLfRr

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1rnrN91


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