Night Watch #3 the Eyeball Issue

Night Watch #3 the Eyeball Issue is a 30-page, full size for ADULT EYES ONLY, B&W comic zine with “jaundice-eye yellow” cover stock.

Rub the sleep out of them squinty orbs of yours and soak up the eye-popping ink that fills these pages! This is Night Watch Zine’s Eyeball Issue and every turn of the page pokes you right in the peepers with groovy and gory lowbrow art sure to bring a tear of delight to your eye as you ogle the twisted talents of Mike Tommyrot, Tallboy, Sketchy Tank, Matt Meinhardt, Steve Mar, Matt Kerley, Chris “Dogt” Collins, Chris Bilyeu, Sexual Youkai, “Heavy” Haig Demarjian, Tom Jenkins, Kevin Leary, Yaia, Burney, Gorgeous George, Phil Guy, Salty Dave, Gut Rot, Nick Potash, Dresden The Barbarian, and Krusty.

The majority of this zine is splash pages featuring eerie eyeballs in odd and unfamiliar settings. Some are in an Eye-Cee, others are running down the centerfold’s legs, there’s even one used to gag Bettie on her Page! Then there’s the two-page sequential comic, “The All Seeing Eye-Nus,” that takes a look at the shitty side of karma, and before you can blink tattoo artist (and cover artist for this issue of Night Watch) Mike Tommyrot peels back the blinders and lets us gaze into his world as Tallboy plays a half set of 20 questions with him!

All of the art in Night Watch #3 the Eyeballs Issue is luscious lowbrow line work that’ll keep you looking from cover to cover! It’s just like Lux said “Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs. Eyeballs everywhere,” and you can feast your eyes on the eye-catching Night Watch #3 the Eyeball Issue at

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