Vreckless Vrestlers #0/5

Vreckless Vrestlers #0/5 is a 19-page, full color cover, spot color interior, mostly silent comic written and illustrated by Łukasz Kowalczuk.

This is a groovy offbeat comic mini-series about the Professional Interdimensional Wrestling League where only one rule applies…No Rules Apply!

In this opening issue we meet “The Manager.” He is the founding father and Boss of the wrestling federation, and he personally travels across space and time to “catch” contestants to square off in the ring. After collecting his combatants The Manager has what he needs to start the Quarter-Finals. Who will prove victorious - Spike Lee, Barba Rica, Crimean Crab, Sergeant Reptilion, The Original Hippie Killer, Flatwoods Monster, Vegan Cat, or The Eye?

The storytelling relies almost entirely on imagery. There is a short narrative at the beginning of the comic to introduce the reader to the series and the issue, but from there on the action speaks for itself with the few exception where images are used to express speech in word balloons. The art drives the energy of this comic with dynamic action scenes depicted through simple, but very expressive line work. The skillful use of vibrant spot coloring really make the pages pop and enhance the uniqueness of this far-out comic!

You can get in the ring at http://bit.ly/17H6A6P and http://bit.ly/1CjRJbG
via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1FV8Syi

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