Chance Tales & The End Of Times Cult

Chance Tales & The End Of Times Cult is an 8-page, digest size B&W comic written by Thomas Keith, illustrated by Vince Sepulveda, and published by Sillie Monkie Comics

This is a detective comic set in the shadows of a big city where the outcast and criminal element dwell. Unfortunately for detective Charles “Chance” Tales it’s also a place where demons from his past lurk and a dangerous cult stirs. As he digs deeper into a recent murder the more he is plagued by memories of his wife and daughter, also murdered by a fiendish cult.

The comic is well written with plenty of attention given to the necessary elements of a detective story. The history and motivation of the main character is explained and a mysterious crime is revealed as the story unfolds. The art is comprised mostly of simple line work with little variation in thickness. Hatching is applied to give weight to the subjects and deep shadows underscore the gloom of the atmosphere.

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