Loud Comix #4

Loud Comix #4 is a 32-page, digest size B&W comic with recycled orange card stock covers. Front cover by Eric Perfect. Stories by Sonny Joe Harlan, Jack Grisham, Alan King, and Jeff Clayton. Art by Jamie Vayda. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books http://bit.ly/1poS74M

Loud Comix is an on-going series of autobiographical and fictional stories about, and written by, rockers and others connected to the music scene. All of the stories are illustrated by The Stovebolts and Lookout Mountain Daredevils talented front man, Jamie Vayda. In this issue of Loud Comix Sonny Joe Harlan (Murder Junkies,Village of Weedville) pens Oh, Rollick!, a cautionary tale of the dangers of parking your double-wide on the side of a hill. Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L., The Joykiller) gives us Arthur Chance: Punk Rock Detective, the story of an integrity challenged Dick on a missing persons case. Jeff Clayton (ANTiSEEN, Judas Bullethead) gives us It Came From The Audience, a comical remembrance of something tossed on stage. And rounding out the issue are two tales from Alan King (Hellstomper, Polecate Boogie Revival) Ugly Dennis, and Danielle. Ugly Dennis recounts Alan’s brush with the bootlegging biz and in Danielle Alan shares a memory of an early girlfriend’s unexpected, drunken, and nude encounter with his mother’s Christmas party guests!

The writing in Loud Comix is great! Each story offers something different and entertaining yet all sharing a connection through music. Jamie Vayda’s artwork make these stories rock! Jamie brings a great old-school feel to the pages of Loud Comix that extends from his detailed drawings to his hand lettering. The format, stories, and art that make up Loud Comix really give it a counter culture vibe that separates it from most other comics being published today!

Tune in to Loud Comix at http://bit.ly/15qBjEd

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