Indie Comics Magazine #9

Indie Comics Magazine #9 is a 64-page, standard size adventure comic anthology with color covers and B&W interior. Published by Aazurn Publishing

Indie Comics Magazine is an anthology of indie comics designed to help indie creators expand their audience. Contributors are given eight full pages to tell their “done-in-one” stories. Contributor bios and contact information is also featured in the magazine as well as on the Indie Comics Magazine website, and the publication is featured in Previews. Indie Comics Magazine looks for quality work, so contributors must submit their pages for publication consideration. The idea behind Indie Comics Magazine is to pool resources to best showcase indie talent to a large and targeted readership – and this is accomplished by marketing directly through Previews.

In this issue various artists/writers display their talents over 64 pages! Omar Morales’ Cruzader, Agent of the Vatican takes aim at racism! Devastating Roulette Studios explore what happens when a super hero no longer fits upper management’s vision in The Downsizing of Quentin Mykroh! Terry Cronin relates a legendary tale from Florida in The Womanatee! In Ramon Gil’s The Professional(s) a crime ridden city becomes the catalyst for a most unusual crime fighter. Paul Bradford and William Allan Reyes serve up some extraterrestrial combat with a side of video gamesmanship in Astral Crusaders: Game On! Jealously rears its ugly head in Marta Tanrikulu’s The Case of the Misused Grant! A farmer has a chance to experience things from the other end of the sickle in Troy Vevasis’ The Harvest! And in the final entry that closes out Indie Comics Magazine #9 Guys ‘N’ Ties introduce readers to an interesting little character with lots of potential in the adventure story Toots Malloy, Blues Ninja!

There are a bunch of different artists and writers represented in this comic, many more than I’ve named above. I only named the creators that were credited in the table of contents, but in the bios there are others mentioned that contributed to the applicable story. The individual styles of all these artists and writers cascade across the pages from one “done-in-one” story to the next, never stalling the action or the visual interest as tales are told completely independent of one another yet connected by a common level of quality and wrapped in the same format. This all makes for a great read and a nice sampling of indie comics all collected in one publication!

Considering the costs of printing, conventions, and ads, Indie Comics Magazine seems to have found a great way for indie comic creators to market their work to the right audience, and a convenient way for indie comic fans to discover new talent emerging on the comics’ scene!

A Previews exclusive found only in comic shops, Indie Comics Magazine #9 can be ordered from FEBRUARY 2015’s PREVIEWS CATALOG under Aazurn Publishing.

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