Interstellar Comix

Interstellar Comix is a 20-page, digest size, B&W comic written & illustrated by Damon Begay. 

Damon explains when he creates a comic he gets into the character development and establishing plots, but then his enthusiasm begins to wane and he loses interest after a few panels. So, what he has chosen to do is collect several different stories into one comic, this comic, Interstellar Comix! 

In this, the first issue, we are treated to three separate tales: G-Ma; She’s Out of This World; and Knock, Knock. In G-Ma an elderly lady living in an what appears to be an isolated desert setting wakes to find a dinosaur at her front door! Luckily she and her grandchildren aren’t as disadvantaged as they seem…G-Ma has a robot up her sleeve (or at least under her house)! 

In She’s Out of This World a couple of cosmic kids from different planets meet up on their way to Galactic Community School. Soon the spark of romantic interest is struck only to be quickly doused by a lack of communication skills. 

The last offering is Knock, Knock. In this brief two-pager a young guy ponders the mysteries of attraction as he and his girlfriend embrace. Damon also throws in a couple of untitled single page cartoons about a wolf and sheep that break up the three stories in Interstellar Comix

Damon frames the action nicely, making great use out of the panels shape and placement on the page to control the pacing and atmosphere of each story. In the limited number of pages he manages to fully develop each character in enough detail to flesh them out and relate who they are to the reader. Damon’s drawing styles vary somewhat between the stories. G-Ma is a little more detailed yet relying on more white space, which adds to the wide open desert feel of the story. In She’s Out of This World Damon applies more heavy shadows that helps to build an intimacy to the setting and between the characters. Finally, in Knock, Knock, a gray-wash effect is used with simpler line drawings causing the imagery to take on the more introspective theme of the story. Interstellar Comix is full of great stuff combining well thought out storytelling and skill! 

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