Vreckless Vrestlers #2/5

Vreckless Vrestlers #2/5 is a 24-page, full color cover, spot color interior, mostly silent wrestling comic written and illustrated by Łukasz Kowalczuk.

The Quarter-Finals continue in this issue of Vreckless Vrestlers as the Original Hippie Killer goes toe-to-toe with the bearded viking woman Barbarica! Then Sergeant Reptilion and Spike Lee battle it out in the second match to see who advances to the Semi-Finals! And if that's not enough, in between the action there's a wrestler word search, spot the differences pictures, and even a maze! Vreckless Vrestlers #2/5 brings you entertainment inside and outside of the ring...and like last time, No Rules Apply!

Łukasz Kowalczuk delivers another out of this world issue of wrestling excitement! The writing is mostly reserved to brief biographies of the wrestlers proceeding each bout. The following pages are filled with non-stop, blood spilling combat drawn in a series of action fueled panels highlighted by vibrant green spot colors.

You can get your hands on Vreckless Vrestlers #2/5 at https://www.comixology.com/Vreckless-Vrestlers-2/digital-comic/134790?ref=c2VyaWVzL3ZpZXcvZGVza3RvcC9ncmlkTGlzdC9Jc3N1ZXM and join the action at https://www.facebook.com/vrestlers and http://vrecklessvrestlers.tumblr.com/

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