Down For The Count

Down For The Count is a 12-page, full size B&W wrestling zine with color covers, written by Dann Lennard and published by BP Enterprises.

One of the most appealing things about zines is that you’re likely to find a zine on any topic imaginable. Whatever your interests, chances are others share them and someone, somewhere has created a zine about it. For the professional wrestling fan, and specifically fans of the tabloid style wrestling magazines that once filled newsstand shelves with images of bloody men and scantly clad women, Dann Lennard is that someone.

With the dwindling popularity of print wrestling magazines in the internet age, Dann Lennard takes us on a nostalgic walk through the pages of more than 300 wrestling rags covering the professional wrestling scene from 2000 - 2007. Dann reminisces about Babyfaces, Heels, and Divas and provides industry highlights that defined the first decade of wrestling in the 21st century. This retrospective glance at what was provides some great insight as to how recent professional wrestling arrived at its current place in popular culture. Dann not only summarizes the dominant story lines and personalities that permeated wrestling during the early 2000s, but also provides some historical analysis on how these individuals and events shaped the industry into what it has become. Finally, throughout Down For The Count, Dann examines the timeliness of the publications and explains how, in the information age, print media was unable to compete with the near immediate online news feeds that informed fans of match results, rising and falling stars, continuing feuds, and the ever changing face of professional wrestling.

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