Cornelia Cartoons #12: A Pill Battle Part 2

Cornelia Cartoons #12: A Pill Battle Part 2 is a 16-page, digest size (or a little wider), B&W comic written & illustrated by Kel M. Crum and published by Dangerous Bird Productions.

Continuing the second part of Cornelia’s pill saga, we find our homely heroine at the center of a frantic scramble to possess the formula for a pill that may hold the secret to eternal happiness! In the melee Cornelia must contend with therapists, drug dealers, and food growers all represented by their respective union reps, and each seeking to control the pill for their own selfish purposes! Can Cornelia protect the formula that would forever change the mental health industry? Could there be unexpected side effects? And just how much rope does Cornelia have in her apartment?

Kel M. Crum’s illustration style is loose with a free flowing line that brings life to his comical cast of characters. Kel’s writing once again takes humorous aim at the mental health industry and others as he concludes this two-part satirical story featuring the banter and buffoonery of Cornelia and her cohorts!

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