Ooze Comix #1 is a 24-page, digest size comic with color covers and B&W and color interior. Written & illustrated by Flynn Ryan.

Flynn Ryan gives us an inky orgy of outrageous characters in an anarchic assemblage of stories, mazes, and other offbeat anecdotes. Ooze Comix is drawn in a style reminiscent of the old-school underground with a penchant for taboo humor involving depictions of unrestrained violence. Monsters, blobs, and even “crabs” kill, eat, and joke throughout the pages giving the overall comix an edgy humor that matches its unconventional illustrations.

Flynn aptly merges horror and Sci-Fi with humor to tell his twisted tales of mutants, boobs, blobs, and bros. The splash of color pages that fill the middle pages of Ooze Comix #1 jumps out to surprise ya as they reveal a short and savage story about a bug-eyed winged beast. The whole comix is put together really well and the various stories and single page pieces are laid out nicely making them easy to follow.

You can jump into the Ooze at http://on.fb.me/1JAfLV7

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1DdAxU5

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