Cornelia Cartoons #11: A Pill Battle Part 1

Cornelia Cartoons #11: A Pill Battle Part 1 is a 12-page, digest size (or a little wider), B&W comic written & illustrated by Kel M. Crum and published by Dangerous Bird Productions.

Cornelia is a twenty-something year old, single woman with few prospects and little ambition. In this two-part series Cornelia finds herself at the center of revolutionary discovery: a pill that can remove all negative energies and self-doubt! This sets the stage for Cornelia’s own journey into the world of therapy through her friends attempts to administer and receive treatment and her own na├»ve pursuit of therapy just to be part of the popular crowd! As the story unfolds the downside of the new pill soon comes into focus as drug companies and therapists stand to lose their long standing financial hold on the mental health treatment.

Kel M. Crum illustrates Cornelia Cartoons with a loose, free flowing line that gives life to an assortment of rubbery limbed characters with exaggerated expressions. Kel’s writing is always loaded with cutting satire and this issue is no exception as Kel aims his sharp wit at the mental health industry!

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