Mr Fantasy #3

Mr Fantasy #3 is a 36-page, full size art comic anthology, with card stock color covers, B&W and color interior, and stitched spine. Created by Camille Dings with various contributors and published by Subaqua Producties.

Between the pages of Mr Fantasy #3 is a collection of over 20 different stories and art created by nearly as many artists. Some of the sequential pieces are in Dutch, some are in English, and some are silent. Other pieces are single page art that might be described as Obscuro. Everything in this comics is unique and emanates creativity. To highlight just a few of the delights found inside, the entries include: a full color account of a dog dreaming; a silent single page, multiple panel piece involving a bald guy wearing a cat on his head; a stripper that takes off more than the cheering onlookers expected; and a guy playing a chest hair with a violin bow! Even the stories I couldn’t read, like “Shit Man,” were easy enough to follow and understand just through the imagery.

The sheer variety of styles and subject matter of the contributions and the hand crafted methods used to create this book make it an entertaining and visually pleasing comic!

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