Ask a Cat

Ask a Cat is a 24-page, digest size, B&W humor comic written & illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

This comic takes a jocular jab at advice columns through its main character, a cat that invites questions from readers and then offers insightful and funny responses. Some of the questions submitted and responded to include: ideas for dinner; the authenticity of the moon landing; what to do with drunken sailors; magic; catnip; the need to chase red dots; and more!

Each question is presented in the leading panel of a page and the cat’s answer fills the remaining panels, making Ask a Cat a collection of single page Q&As. The questions are pretty straight forward and focus on things from the mundane to the absurd. The cat’s answers are all tongue-in-cheek and make for a quick, funny, and entertaining read.

Charles’ writing and artwork are always amusing and spirited. His lighthearted approach to storytelling and illustration keep his comics playful and appealing to anyone looking for a little levity. Charles demonstrates he is an accomplished artist and draftsman as he aptly renders his comics is a style that is complementary to, and in keeping with, the stories whimsical narrative.

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