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Unhenged #0

One Last Day - The 9th Art

April Comix & Zines

Interstellar Comix #3

One Last Day - No Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Yo Miss: A Graphic Look At High School

Amazing Arizona Comics #2

As You Were #2

Chicken Outfit #3 Kickstarter Campaign!

Interstellar Comix #2

One Last Day


Jenny Spookawski Ghost Girl #1

Dictator of Love

Metonymy of Afterlife #1

Earwig & Maggot

Mineshaft #31

One Last Day - Organic Madness

Snake Pit Gets Old: Daily Diary Comics 2010-2012

Date Night Armageddon

Eyesight Comix

Get Into Comix

Chicken Outfit Media

Thanger Dangers (A.K.A. Thinger Dingers #2)

One Last Day

Title: Hass #1

Art of Adam Yeater

Tree Hugga by R. Crumb

Sexy Monster, Brutal Girlfriend, & Nip Slip

Fiver Fun Comics

Monster Versus The Pop Culture Nihilists #1

Copy This! #14

John T. Howard Comix!

Smallbug Comics #3

Blood And Batteries #1

Peculiar Paper People #1

The Strange Fungus in Mr Winslow & Other Stories

Badly Drawn Book

The Adventures of El Diablo Azul #1

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever


Southern Hospitality


Slaver Empire

Death in Oxaca #1

Chicken Outfit Kickstarter!

Copy This! #13 – the All Art Issue volume 2


Happy Big Daddy Rabbit Day!