Badly Drawn Book

Badly Drawn Book is a 90-page, full size B&W comic with color covers written & illustrated by John Howard and with a foreword by Robin (Cinema Sewer) Bougie. Published by Short & Curly Graphics

This big book is anything but badly drawn. In fact it’s a collection of superbly illustrated, self-depreciating comics and sketches by John T. Howard. John, known for Horny Biker Slut Comics and Buttman Magazine, packs the pages with funny stories about girlfriends, dreams, and random day-to-day activities that we can all relate to, but doubtfully experienced in quite the same way John describes them here. In addition, we’re also treated to a multi-page Catfish tale. Catfish, for those not in the know, is John’s long time imaginary Cajun cutie girlfriend!

John’s art is loaded with simple yet expressive detail that fills the pages with precise and clean lines complemented with gray washes. Although John’s work is probably best known for being decidedly adult oriented, Badly Drawn Book is an excursion into the less explicit, all-ages market, making his witty writing and impressive illustrations accessible to those not into the mature funny book scene!

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