Peculiar Paper People #1

Peculiar Paper People #1 is a 16-page, digest size full color comic printed on cream stock. Written & illustrated by Billy McKay.

This is a collection of three stories about weird characters and bizarre events. In one tale a guy discovers a tiny couple living inside his electric shaver, in another a character named “Mean Bob” walks about with a lit firecracker on his head. And in the final offering two gaming enthusiasts wrestle with which system is the all-time best, the Atari 2600 or Xbox. Some really crazy stuff here that’s fun to see and read (I mean come on, tiny little people living in your shaver?)!

The writing in this comic is smart and witty while the subjects are bizarrely different. Unusual characters are developed and set in a mostly recognizable world. The composition moves the action along neatly with word balloons conveniently positioned so as to not interfere with the story. Billy’s art captures the old school underground feel. Characters are rubbery with exaggerated anatomy and set against quirky backgrounds and daft situations. The addition of color accentuates Billy’s art, giving it more depth and weight. The color and cream stock pages separate Peculiar Paper People from most of the other current underground comic zines by raising the production quality to a rare level I’m not accustomed to finding!

I dig reading comics from creators that aren’t tethered by their minds to the common sense reality that surrounds us, and it’s pretty clear reading this comic that Billy cut the tether long ago!

You can mingle with the Peculiar Paper People in Billy’s mind at or contact Billy at:

Billy McKay
PO Box 542
N. Olmsted, OH 44070

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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