Smallbug Comics #2

Smallbug Comics #2 is a 24-page, digest size B&W humor comic written & illustrated by Charles Brubaker.

Charles Brubaker brings us another tale of wacky witches in this issue of Smallbug Comics! This time ‘round Koko’s kid brother Jodo gets the starring role as he finds himself inadvertently caught up in a case of mistaken identity. Quickly the siblings find themselves being bestowed with a bunch of free stuff. They later learn it’s due to a misunderstanding and there may be a very high price to pay!

Again Charles delivers humorous storytelling and playful artwork in this issue of Smallbug Comics. The character development continues as we learn more about Koko and Jodo’s relationship. The pacing of the story is controlled well by the layout and Charles’ illustrative style maintains its consistency throughout the pages, making it easy to distinguish characters and follow the action.

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