SharkBiplaneMan is a 20-page, full color, digital comic written & illustrated by Ryan Mullins.

SharkBiplaneMan is the strange story of even stranger characters living in a strange land. The title character is some sort of human-animal hybrid that is in fact a shark-biplane-man. He works as a salesman and likes to drink tomato milk vodka. His friends are also weird human-animal hybrids. SharkBiplaneMan and his pals hatch a plot to beat up a crazy old hobo that recently whacked SharkBiplaneMan in the head with a shovel and took a dump by his face. The crazy old hobo also worships a genderless deity that appears to have an interest in SharkBiplaneMan…and there’s an ice golem in the mix too!

The artwork is crude and quirky but fitting for a story as bizarre as this. Character insight is revealed as the story progresses, allowing the reader to discover just who these unusual beings are and what motivates them. In spite of its peculiar cast and storyline (or maybe because of it), SharkBiplaneMan delivers a uniquely interesting tale that’s guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve read before!

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