Bleedfish is a 20-page, B&W interior, color cover, standard size comic written and illustrated by Mike Pigford and edited by Bobbi Pigford.

In this story a large, muscular humanoid creature with long tentacles flailing about from its head emerges from the sea with a singular focus - to take its intended to the darkness! Police and family struggle against the strange beast, but will their resistance be enough to stop the creature?!

Mike’s art is drawn in an engaging cartoony style made more realistic through consistent attention to detail. The various characters are all given unique appearances that Mike adeptly maintains throughout the book. Bold lines, deep shadows, and black gutters give the comic a feeling of uncertain fear and a sense of foreboding. The story itself moves quickly by casting the reader along an unknown trajectory into the darkness as the creature moves closer and closer to its aim. The result is an absorbing read accompanied by great art that keeps the pages flipping as the reader’s anticipation builds!

You can follow Bleedfish into the darkness at and see more of Mike’s art at

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