The Mad Parasite 2 of 5

The Mad Parasite 2 of 5 is a 16-page, combo comic with black ink on cream card stock created by Ryan “Waldo” Homsley (title, story, and art) and Billy McKay (concept, story, and editing).

In the first issue we met Mad, a parasitic worm living in the head of a truck driver named Honky Tonk. In this issue Mad gives us some more stories. The first is a poetic encounter between a guy named Mylo and an alien named Ed. Then we’re introduced to The Lazy Rabbit. He’s not too quick and some might say he lacks motivation, but he does have a neat friend! Last we meet the artist behind the comic, Ryan “Waldo” Homsley. Not only is he a talented artist and poet, but he’s also a damn good storyteller with a penchant for the really bizarre!

Ryan’s cartoony drawings are captivating in there detail. Much attention is given to each frame and even more attention to the expressions on the characters’ faces that almost tell their stories without the need for words. But words there are, and they unravel in a well timed pacing that keeps the reader engaged and entertained!

The collaboration between Billy McKay and Ryan “Waldo” Homsley has resulted in a series of comics that are really strange, artfully designed, and delightfully rendered!

To get The Mad Parasite into your head (and hands) contact Billy at:

Billy McKay
PO Box 542
N. Olmsted, OH 44070

And check out more comics by Billy McKay at

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