The Complete TARN

The Complete TARN is a collection of five 12-page minicomics. Each chapter (or issue) is printed on a different color and packaged along with a card stock cover 4" vinyl sticker. Written & illustrated by Sam Spina and published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

In chapter one we get to meet Mr. Futtts. He’s a weird looking alligator guy with a compulsion to eat butts, and that’s causing him a lot of anxiety! Next, in chapter two, we meet Pig Boss - a mask wearing, crime fighting, TV action hero egomaniac keeping the fictional streets safe while dealing with a mysterious CEO that thinks he’s a phoney. Then we’re introduced to Sans San in chapter three. Apparently Sans has trouble being punctual and when Mr. Futtts unwittingly becomes an obstacle to Sans overcoming his habitual tardiness, it’s a language limitation that gets in the way! Later in chapter four we join Mr. Futts, Sans San, and Pig Boss aboard the Titanic 2, a massive airplane built by a strange character named Mr. Harland. Finally in chapter five the entire cast of characters, including Mr. Harland and his Titanic 2, wrap their story lines up in a fashionable fracas!

Sam’s comics are nicely paced and tie together naturally as the stories move forward from one somewhat absurd situation to another. His art has a simple, loose style that fills the pages with rubbery and exaggerated figures. Character likenesses are maintained throughout, so it’s easy to follow who’s who, and all of the main characters are developed in plenty of detail. Sam’s writing and art flow together superbly through The Complete TARN making this collection a fun and entertaining read!

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