Nix Western Comics #3

Nix Western Comics #3 is a 28-page, standard size, full color western comic written by Ken Eppstein and illustrated by Michael Neno (The Coward Earl Vance) and Bob Ray Starker (The Devil’s Own Hands). Cover by Glen Ostrander. Published by Nix Western Comics.

A stranger wanders into town and upon learning the name of the sheriff informs a couple of locals that the man wearing the badge is in fact a coward! Unfortunately for the stranger one of the locals has strong feelings for the accused and doesn’t take the accusation well. What follows is a tale of unrequited love and old west justice in the pages of The Coward Earl Vance. In the second tale a grifter takes bets from brave men that dare to test their brawn against a strong man. After collecting their winnings, the grifter and his associates have a run-in with a dissatisfied customer that leads to the story behind The Devil’s Own Hands!

Michael Neno and Bob Ray Starker illustrate Ken Eppstein’s Nix Western Comics with a distinctively old west theme, paying close attention to wardrobes and background detail. They also color the pages of their respective stories with rich earth tones that contribute to and strengthen the overall western feel of the comic. The lettering is easy to read and word balloons and narrative boxes are all conveniently positioned within panels to not obstruct the artwork. Ken Eppstein’s writing nicely lays out interesting characters in stories with unanticipated twists, and his pacing moves the stories forward smoothly while keeping the reader hooked in anticipation of what’s to come next!

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