Violent Skate Bulldogs

Violent Skate Bulldogs is a 24-page, digest size, B&W comic with color covers written & illustrated by Łukasz Kowalczuk.

Normally I’d write a short synopsis of the comic to give readers an idea of what the story is about, but there’s a slight problem this time around…Violent Skate Bulldogs is written in Polish and I can’t read it! So, here’s what I’ve gleaned by studying the pages and translating a few words here and there. Over the course of a few different stories, a group of mutant skaters take on a heavily armed group of what I’m guessing are government troops or police. Soon an all-out brawl ensues and the punches go flying!

All of the pages are stuffed with action scenes of weird looking humanoid creatures engaged in combat! The method used to illustrate Violent Skate Bulldogs is a thick lined, punk rock art style that’s loaded with little details and a sort of filth ridden ambiance!

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