Get Into Comix

Get Into Comix is a 74-page, perfect bound, digest size, B&W autobio comic with color covers written & illustrated by Brad Dwyer.

In this hefty little comic Brad tells the story of how comics, punk rock, and acne all played a significant role in his life and led him to where he is today. Through the pages Brad reveals his struggles with drawing, the unwanted attention that brought, and the self-doubt that plagued him as an artist. He also discloses his tribulations with acne as a teenager and the scars that left behind. Brad goes on to describe how he got into punk rock and a somewhat self-destructive lifestyle and how that brought him back to…comix!

The writing in Get Into Comix really comes across as being authentic. Brad lays bare the events of his life in an interesting and entertaining series of well-drawn vignettes. His writing maintains a steady tempo as he walks us through the highs and lows of life growing up in a desert town. His illustrations convey the same sense of authenticity that sacrifices detail in favor of raw emotion. You can almost feel Brad’s angst radiating off the pages. Get Into Comix is a great read with solid art! 

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