Cousin Harold #2

Cousin Harold #2 is a 24-page, 6.75” x 8” color with B&W pages, all-age comic with color cardstock covers, written & illustrated by Denny “Dennmann” Riccelli. Published by Skit Productions

Cousin Harold, a rat detective with a cat for a sidekick, experiences strange physical changes and possible hallucinations when he can’t find cheese! A doctor tries to diagnose Harold’s peculiar ailment while Harold’s friends and associates are interviewed at the local police station. Through flashbacks Harold and his friends recount events that led to Harold’s comical predicament!

Denny “Dennmann” Riccelli illustrates Cousin Harold with a very unique, cartoony, and appealing style that is definitely his own! His cast of characters are a collection of animals living in a human-like environment and filling traditional human roles. Dennmann’s storytelling in Cousin Harold is driven by mystery and filled with humorous anecdotes!

What’s wrong with Harold? Where has all the cheese gone? Why are the police involved? All the answers can be found in Cousin Harold #2!

You can connect with Denny “Dennmann” Riccelli and join Cousin Harold on his adventures at and and

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