Interstellar Comix #2

Interstellar Comix #2 is a 20-page digest size B&W comic written & illustrated by Damon Begay and Majerle Lister.

Interstellar Comix is a collection of random stories drawn (and usually written) by Damon Begay. The idea being these stories (or pieces of stories) could see the light of day through the pages of Interstellar Comix rather than withering away awaiting a more formal completion. So, with that said, this issue brings us three unique tales. The first, RiGiD, is about a young woman with a strange affliction that she believes was passed on to her by someone that’s going to be very sorry! The second, Don’t Forget Me (written by Majerle Lister) is about a man awakening from sort of stasis and being unable to shake past memories while accepting an unexpected future. The final story is Sushi, it’s about three guys, a girl, and her cat as they venture into a haunted house only to find themselves separated and possibly in different realms of reality!

The neat thing about Interstellar Comix is the mixture of stories each issue offers and the variety of drawing styles that can be found along with those stories. Damon manages to illustrate each story in a different style. That not only demonstrates Damon’s abilities as an artist, but also helps to break up the overall comic into unique pieces that can be appreciated independent of the others. At issue #2, Interstellar Comix is establishing itself as great comic that can (and does) go anywhere it wants!

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