Dark Pants #2

Dark Pants #2 is a 45-page B&W mini comic with color covers, written & illustrated by Matt MacFarland. http://bit.ly/1E0P05U

In this issue a young, live-at-home college student who also happens to be an advice columnist and a virgin, leads a romantically unfulfilled life. She fantasizes about a stranger on a bus and endures a stifling relationship with her family. Then, one evening, a mysterious pair of Dark Pants appear and soon they free her of inhibitions and cause her to explore secret sexual desires!

The artwork is rendered in a simple, expressive style that captures the mood of the story as the main character transitions from a lonely, insecure girl into a sexually liberated woman. The contrast between black and white is also applied skillfully as to create dramatic settings throughout the comic, contributing to the overall feeling of transformation. The writing does a great job of defining the main character and introducing the Dark Pants as a separate character with unknown motivations!

You can slip into Matt’s Dark Pants at http://bit.ly/1E0P05U and see more of Matt’s art at http://www.mattiemac.com and http://bit.ly/1GwLLFE

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1IhAiOL

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