Earwig & Maggot

Earwig & Maggot is a 12-page digest size B&W comic with cardstock covers. Written & illustrated by Wil Hines http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG

In Earwig & Maggot Wil Hines gives us a couple of bugs that find a magical comic book. The comic allows them to control a dead guy after taking up residence in his rotting head, so naturally they decide to take the zombie out for some bar hopping and skirt chasing!

This is only 12 pages so there’s not a lot of character development or drawn out plots. Wil instead makes great use of the limited pages by moving the action along quickly while telling the story through a series of comically creepy illustrations. Wil also mixes the traditional black ink on white pages with some inverted black pages with white drawings and lettering. The combination works great and Wil even includes a couple of stickers in a wax sealed envelope inside the back cover!

Get Wil Hines’ Earwig & Maggot into your head at http://bit.ly/1uMMQYG

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1HpRVvg

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