Date Night Armageddon

Date Night Armageddon is a 12-page digest size B&W jam comic written & illustrated by Damon Begay and Brad Dwyer.

A mutant frog like creature is on the hunt for a witch it was bred to find. Meanwhile, a young man and woman talk about a movie they’ve recently seen during their date. The hungry frog creature sees the couple and decides it’s time to dine! The young couple continue on their way blissfully unaware of the danger lurking about! And then there’s the giant mechanical menace being pursued by a team of airborne fighters!

Damon and Brad spin a yarn that ties all the elements of the story neatly together with action and comedic horror. The art is detailed and clean with an old-school bold line look to it. The frog character really jumps out and two splash pages included at the end of the comic provide a nice comparison of styles (I assume Brad drew one page and Damon the other?).

You can go gigging for the mutant creature in Date Night Armageddon and see more of Damon and Brad’s stuff at:

Damon Begay’s site 

Brad Dwyer’s sites

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at

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