My Life in Records #4: Hell’s Bells

My Life in Records #4: Hell’s Bells is a 20-page, full color, minicomic written & illustrated by Grant Thomas.

My Life in Records is a continuing series that started out as an autobiographical comic by Grant, but he later opted to use fictional characters to tell stories based on his music related experiences. In this issue we join two brothers as they discover Rap and Heavy Metal through a Christian radio channel and religious video series designed to educate viewers on the evils of secular music.

Grant’s art is clean and uncluttered. The contrast between the bright, almost pastel colors and the black backgrounds with red text really help drive home the mood of the story. Grant’s palette graphically underscores the mixed feelings the brothers are confronted with; should they embrace the familiar and uplifting music of their faith, or taste the forbidden edgy and dark sounds that might condemn their souls?!

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