Dictator of Love

Dictator of Love is a 12-page, digest size B&W comic written & illustrated by Damon Begay. http://bit.ly/1BPeowi & http://bit.ly/1BPeowi

A gun toting, helmet wearing, motorcycle riding badass pops into existence to thwart developing passion when he deems it unacceptable. But, the times they are a changing, and not all those smitten by love are willing to accept the Dictator of Love’s judgment! Will the Dictator of Love be able to change with the times?

Damon’s artwork in Dictator of Love is bold, fun, and filled with action. The short story moves quickly but still manages to give readers interesting characters and conflicts!

You can find your Dictator of Love, and more from Damon at: http://bit.ly/1BPeowi & http://bit.ly/1Dpew9E http://bit.ly/1tsuR3f

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1fIIjBE

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