Time Shark

Time Shark is an 8-page, digest size comic with color covers and B&W interior, written by Patrick J. Reilly & illustrated by Jan Mark “The Jaminal” Quisumbing. http://bit.ly/1bfc4Hb Published by Pronto Comics http://bit.ly/1OjEA8N

In this preview of Time Shark we learn the government conducted tests on animals that resulted in the creation of Time Shark! With a special “timewatch” the shark was given the ability to breathe air, talk, and time travel! Now Time Shark must enter the “timeline” to find and stop Jeff, the Acid Spitting Llama!

The story is a short introduction to the title character. It does a good job of setting the stage for future issues and explaining the origin of Time Shark. The artwork is cartoony with plenty of gray washes that add weight to the action.

You can hop into the time stream with Time Shark at http://bit.ly/1OjEA8N and http://bit.ly/1bfc4Hb and http://on.fb.me/1CL8WQn

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1OjEChc

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