One Last Day

One Last Day (the radioactive issue) is a 12-page, full size B&W, silent comic written & illustrated by Adam Yeater.

In this installment of One Last Day our unfortunate hero finds himself just outside of ground zero during a massive explosion that produces a mushroom cloud and radiation poisoning (presumably a nuclear device detonation of some sort?). The story transitions from the mundane day-to-day activities to horrific scenes of destruction and radiation poisoning after the devastating blast. Inevitably the death and destruction catch up to our nameless hero on his One Last Day!

Adam captures familiar scenes related to atomic blasts, such as buildings being blown away and human shadows being forever burned into stone. He also provides a couple of drawn images of babies with birth defects, one a victim of the aftereffects of the Hiroshima bombing and the other a victim of depleted uranium poisoning. Adam’s art always manages to grab hold of the subject in such a way as to present it in a comically disturbing manner that sheds light on unpleasant realities through black humor.

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