Jenny Spookawski Ghost Girl #2

Jenny Spookawski Ghost Girl #2 is an 8-page digest size B&W comic on colored paper and with cardstock covers written & illustrated by Denny “Dennmann” Riccelli. Published by Skit Productions.

In this issue Jenny finally finds the nerve to speak to Jake, the hulking, high school football player she has set her affections on. All seems to go well, aside from the peculiar stripes that seemingly appear out of nowhere. Will Jenny and Jake find a love connection? Can Jenny’s friends accept an athlete into their group? And what about those stripes?!

Denny writes an afterward in this issue where he explains the evolution of Jenny Spookawski and his struggles to get the concept of the comic right. I’m now through my second installment of the series and I think he has certainly found a working formula! Denny’s writing is timed perfectly for a short continuing story like this. Each issue introduces the necessary elements for the story’s arc and continues to build on themes from the previous issue. Denny’s art has a unique whimsical look to it that makes the comic fun, and his drawing style invites closer study to fully appreciate what he’s accomplishing with the line!

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