Unhenged #0

Unhenged #0 is an 8-page, digest size B&W comic with card stock covers written by Adam Yeater and illustrated by Zac Finger. http://bit.ly/1LAQjld and http://zacfinger.com

Here’s a different take of the original purpose of Stonehenge. In this story Adam and Zac takes us back in time to a period when the elders and common folk gathered at Stonehenge to watch a bloody competition. Inside the stone circle warriors battle for the right to claim the crown of the Celtic people…quit unlike modern day hippies that now gather there in the name of peace and love!

This is more of a silent comic with a little narrative thrown in to explain the events depicted. The art is clean with heavy hatching that captures the atmosphere of a distant and brutal past. The combination of clean art and packaging with the card stock covers gives Unhenged #0 a polished look and feel that’s not characteristic of comic zines of the same size and page count.

You can find Unhenged #0 and more from the creative team behind at http://bit.ly/1LAQjld (Adam Yeater) and http://zacfinger.com (Zac Finger).

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1MMirPt

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