Interstellar Comix #3

Interstellar Comix #3 is a 44-page digest size B&W comic with color covers written & illustrated by Damon Begay.

This issue contains a collection of old and new stories created by Damon. Sexually Active: Little Runaway is the first story in a series about people acquiring super powers through sexually transmitted infections. G-Ma Vs. Manifest Destiny continues the battle between a giant robot controlled by a grandmother and her grandkids and unwelcome adversaries in the desert. Chomp: No Fear Here is a story about a young boy put to bed only to awaken finding a beast with tentacles invading his house! Armed with his talking, dinosaur headed grabber toy, the boy sets out to save the day! Between the Spaces is a short story about a guy and girl that reunite after breaking up and redefine where they now fit in each others lives.

Damon never fails to deliver interesting stories with unique twists and neat art. He varies the writing and rendering styles with each different tale, making Interstellar Comix a great mix of indie comics and art that’s sure to please!

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