Tat Rat #6

Tat Rat #6 is an 8-page, silent mini comic with color covers and B&W interior, illustrated by Cameron Forsley and Nikolas Larson. http://bit.ly/1TnEX5l

A guy awakes to radiating shapes and meets a multi-limbed spaceman. The awakened man tells the spaceman about the geometric shapes and the two search for understanding that leads to transformation. Although this mini comic is mostly silent, the story is clearly told through a series of well drawn images. The art is very clean with lots of detail and has an overall psychedelic vibe to it. There are also two splash pages of art filled with decrepitude and debauchery.

You can find Tat Rat #6 and more from Cameron Forsley at http://bit.ly/1TnEX5l and http://bit.ly/1UEnNSj

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1TnEXly

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