Walt Doodley’s Crocks and Stories

Walt Doodley’s Crocks and Stories is a 16-page, little wider than digest size, B&W humor comic written and illustrated by Kel M. Crum. Produced by Weird Muse Productions. http://bit.ly/1ooOHPc

Kel brings us new and familiar characters in this parody charged funny book. We meet Mucky, a mouse on a mission that stumbles into a bad situation that gets weird quick as the tongue wagging Miley Serious swings in on a wrecking ball! Gallstone Gander makes a memorable impression on the community theater, and Gyro Gearless puts a light bulb out of work! An old favorite from Kel, Ed Thud, mouths off, and longtime leading lady Cornelia does her part to help a library and gets an education on Christmas!

Kel proves himself a king of comedic writing! He aptly builds absurdly humorous situations and throws his characters into unexpected predicaments that always lead to amusing punchlines. His cartoony drawings bring life to the entertaining and funny yarns Kel spins!

You can take a stroll through Walt Doodley’s Crocks and Stories by Kel M. Crum at http://bit.ly/1ooOHPc

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1E55aBT

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